Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Views from the 617

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood! It was a lovely Monday morning in Boston along the Charles River. Quiet and bright, the perfect day to go paddle boarding. Upon our 8:30am arrival we received good news from our partner, Molly, over at Community Boating that we could go paddle boarding today. We headed downstairs to sign waivers, get our guest passes, and headed out on the dock. Molly gave us a short demo on how to get into the water, onto the board, and how to paddle then she helped us pick out the proper board to go out on the river with.

I chose a red board and our senior harbor educator Max kindly helped carry it down to the water for me where I steadily kneeled onto it and gently pushed away. We paddled out towards the river sticking fairly close to the shore. The view exiting the lagoon was so amazing I could have cried. The skyline was breath taking; the sky clear blue without a cloud in sight; the water as calm as ever as if it were untouched; and the ripples from my paddling cylindrical and hypnotizing. I soaked up the sun rays and captured every image in my memories. The views we got from there were everything to me.

I am so grateful to be apart of the All Access team and to be able to travel to different sites such as Community Boating Inc., this is a great job. It was my first time paddle boarding on the Charles and I'm sure it wont be my last, the opportunities are endless here at Save the Harbor and the learning is hands on. I listened as Molly explained what kind of fish and animals you can find in the Charles to some of the CBI students. Along our little journey in the river and the lagoon we saw ducks, geese, loons, and different types of flowers. At some point I am pretty sure the loon was following me. It would dive under for 15 seconds and reappear closer and closer to me and my paddle board, scaring me away rather than I scaring it off. The experience was unforgettable. Wait! Did I mention Max took an unexpected dip in the river? Because that happened!

To more adventures & more breath taking moments

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