Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Back for part 2!

Hey everyone! So on Tuesday it was the start of session 2 for camp harbor view and it was very exciting. As the new group of kids got off the bus, they all came with smiles on their faces waiting to see what this summer has in store for them. When we got on the boat, there were a lot of "I missed you's!" and "I can't wait to's" which made me smile because it showed how much more of a family CHV is rather than just any old summer camp. Despite the hot scorching sun, the kids were full of energy and ready to explore.

Since it was the first day, we didn't do any fishing unfortunately, but we did get to do the intro activities with the kids to get to know them better. We played a bingo game where the boxes had characteristics for example "someone who dislikes chocolate" or "someone who has a twin"  and you had to find someone that fit that category and write their name. It was really fun and it helped me learn a lot about some of the kids and they also learned a lot about me.

Towards the end of the period when the kids were done playing bingo, we decided to verse each other in games of tic-tac-toe which of course was kind of an epic fail because I'm not really good and the kids had skills! It was a really nice relaxing day and I had a lot of fun getting to know the kids and playing with them. 

                                                              See you soon! Rusenny

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