Monday, July 31, 2017

Seaweed scarfs and lobsters!

Larry The Lobster and his crab friend

Our group of fishermen!
Hi everyone! It's Tuesday week 3 at Camp Harbor View and we still have only caught one fish (and the tiny one we caught in the trap) unfortunately but some other exciting things have happened! So yesterday as the new set of kids came in for fishing club they were all excited to get their rods out and patiently wait for the big catch. We haven't had much luck lately with fish, but there has been a ton of crabs of course. So out of no where one of the kids named Max yells "I think I caught something! Help!" as his rod was bending and pulling. And of course, we all rushed to see what mysterious fish could have been at the end of his rod. "It's defiantly a big one!" We all took turns at pulling until finally we reeled and reeled up... and what did we see?.. A ginormous piece of seaweed! It was about 7 feet long and all the kids looked at it in amazement and wonder. Jen then helped us identify the tiny living creatures that lived on it and what their role was. The kid who caught it was even brave enough to pick it up and put it around his neck!

Not only did we catch the seaweed scarf yesterday but today we caught something in the crab trap that surprised everyone. It was a lobster! It was very scary looking at first because I had never seen a live lobster that close up before just like some of the kids hadn't either. After a while of learning about them and how they get around by swimming backwards, I finally got the courage to touch it more although I still didn't get to hold it because they like to move around a lot! It was really fun because some of the kids held "Larry the lobster" and they had fun showing him around the dock and learning more about him.

Seaweed Scarf!

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