Sunday, July 23, 2017

Fish in the Trap

Striped bass!
  Monday was an exciting day at Children's Museum. We caught two cunners in the crab trap! In all the excitement of finally catching as fish, even if it wasn't on the line, I almost missed when one of the kids caught a striped bass. I heard somebody yell "Dude, you got a striper!" and I turned around sure enough an eight year old kid was reeling in a striped bass. When we measured it the fish was around a foot in length. We went from not catching anything for a week to catching three fish in one day! We even had one huge fish on the rod but it snapped the line before we could finish reeling it in. Fish and crabs were not the only things we caught on Monday, we also caught a few moon jellies.

We caught a spider crab too!
   Monday was not the only day we managed to pull up a few fish. Wednesday was hot and sunny and the fish seemed to love it! We pulled up five cunner in the crab traps! We caught some smaller ones that measured about two inches in length  and we caught one larger one that was seven inches long. We also caught a bunch of crabs. Our friends Sean and Max came back to hang out with us and helped us fish and find crabs! Max named ALL of the crabs and his favorite one was named big legs. Sean and I played some "basketball" and I lost by quite a few points. We had lots of crab races and they even taught all the other kids about the crabs we had caught. I believe they both have futures in employment at Save the Harbor!

Happy Fishing!

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