Sunday, July 23, 2017

Football Fun!

Today at work some of colleagues and I played football with many different kids from the Dorchester YMCA. This day we met Julian, Ishma, and Donte who were only a few of the enthusiastic kids from the group. What seemed as an eternity of fun ended fairly soon due to the fact that they had to go start fishing. This was sad, but at least we got to play around a bit and have some fun before they had to leave 
This is the Dorchester YMCA playing football with us.
Later on this day we met a few more groups of kids, but honestly, no group brought the same intense energy to sports the way the Dorchester YMCA did. As we ended sports club we got to my favorite part of the day, swimming! We went down to the beach and took a dip in the water which is definitely the perfect way to end to a perfect day, and today was no exception. The water was cold as usual but it was such a hot day outside that when we got in it was a feeling of sheer paradise.

My Save the Harbor team and I running sports club on the island!

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