Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Another One!

Zach with our second Horseshoe Crab
Blacks Creek keeps impressing me and I'm sure I will feel this way everyday I go there. I thought we lucked out and had a good circumstance with harbor explorers when we found the horseshoe crab the first week, but that was not the case! What a surprise it was when we found not one more but two more horseshoe crabs. I guess the harbor explorers at Blacks Creek are doing it right. The first time we caught one, it was a bit chaotic as you can imagine. The kids were freaked out because this was a new creature, maybe it is the fear of the unknown, but each time we catch a new one more and more of the kids are ready to be brave and touch and hold it.

Jahari helping out
 with our first crab hat

I realized this week that we do not have to have a crazy catch each session. There is always something new, no matter how little it may seem to us, that can be done for the children. At the end of each session Zach ask the kids if anyone tried or experienced something they never had before, the answer is always yes! Even the kids that return to us yearly and come for two times a week are able to point out new things they were able to achieve. They are proud of their newly found knowledge and are eager to show us that they retain the information we learn together. They want to teach each other and grow in their knowledge!

Catch ya later,

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