Thursday, July 20, 2017

Into the Dark Tunnels

Hello Again!

This week was the start of our All Access adventures to George's Island. Although this wasn't my first trip to George's, I did receive a jolt of excitement when I heard David tell his haunted tales of "The Lady in Black" to all the little campers. This reminded me of the times when I was a little boy. Although I may have been a lot more gullible back then, I still do believe in those haunted stories. That is why I never get tired of them, I'm always down for another scary adventure.

We made our way to Fort Warren, where supposedly, "The Lady in Black" haunts the pitch black tunnels of the fort. There were also many campers that ventured into the tunnels as well. As they reached for their devices for some lights to reassure their safety, David yells "No flashlights!" The flashlights would upset "The Lady in Black", and the kids wouldn't want that would they; I'm pretty sure even I wouldn't want that! To play a joke, David decided it would be fun if we lured the kids into the tunnel and into a large room. Inside the large room, there was a sliver of light from a little opening outside the room on the ceiling. To scare the kids, David would appear from the dark and into the light with just his hand. This devious plan had great success and I'm even sure it would have worked on me about 10 years ago.

As we made our way back out of the tunnel, I was tasked to walk through it once again to see if any trash was left behind. I would have surely not dared to do this if I was a few years younger, but since I am past the "little boy" stage of my life, I decided that I would be up for the walk. I went back through the tunnels, most of which had some lights shining through from outside, and collected any trash that was left behind. As I safely made it back outside, I looked back into the tunnels. Only about 20 minutes ago were the tunnels lit by the screams and laughter of the children, but now, as I looked back, it was as silent and empty as it once was hundreds of years ago when "The Lady in Black" searched for her escape in these tunnels to find a way out. I took a minute to look inside. I couldn't see anything from the outside, but I wonder if something was looking at me from the inside...

Until next time,

Me and Vince doing some tree climbing on Georges!

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