Wednesday, July 19, 2017

It's the Little Things

After the first full week at Blacks Creek I began to be concerned that the children would get bored of looking for crabs and our other creatures since they come to us multiple times a week, but I wrong! The kids find a way to make everything so exciting daily and keep the energy up no matter how many crabs we get. Never disappointing, their fun make our jobs effortless. Earlier this week our first session of the day had been struggling to find any crabs. We spent the better amount of time searching for them but did not seem to have any luck. I was expecting to find disappointed faces... wrong again!! Instead we found something else in the water that made our explorers just as excited. They never ponder on the negative, instead they make due with the positive.
Holding their friends of the day

 It really is the little things that can make someones day. Cici was unable to catch anything this same day and seem down about it. We were sitting talking about all the creatures we had in the touch tanks and she said the snails looked like twins. I recalled that morning Cici told me that she liked my braids, after I suggested that I could braid her hair and we could be twins like the snails were. Her face lit up and we did it. She was so happy when they were done and loved the matching hair, she left Blacks Creek ready for her swim lesson with hair that was ready to keep up with her.
Showing off her braids
Catch ya later,

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