Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Little Rain Never Hurt Anybody!

Hello There!

Tuesday started off like any other beautiful day at Georges Island. The sun was shining and the weather was hot. Luckily, we were back on Spectacle Island. That meant we could take a cold and salty shower in the ocean at the end of the day.

Being stationed at the fishing club meant cutting up bait in the toasty sun. I could smell the squid being cooked in the 90 degree weather. If you smelled me, you would think I was a chef preparing calamari for our harbor guests. I was tempted to wash off the foul smell when I was collecting water for our touch tank. As I placed the tank into the ocean, the waves washed onto my feet. It was so refreshing that I wanted to go deeper into the water, all the way until my body could not longer feel the scorching heat. But as always, duty calls. Plus, if I didn't brought the touch tank back, the crabs would dry out and what would I scare the kids with then?

The Save the Harbor team is the only ones in the water!
As the day came to a close, the sun receded and the clouds came onto the scene. The wind started blowing and the sky became dark. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the rain started to pour. I heard the screams of the kids as they ran to find shelter. I looked onto the beach and it reminded me of a scene from Jaws when everyone would get out of the water when they saw the shark. However, we determined that the rain would not deter us from going for a nice cold swim. We quickly got changed and raced towards the water. The feeling of the rain pounding on my body made me feel as though the ocean was slowly engulfing me in it. Once I got in the water, I felt as though I could stay in forever. Unfortunately, our time in the ocean was short lived. The rain stopped and the sun came back out just in time to dry my clothing for the boat ride back home. What a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Until next time,
Henry Liang

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