Wednesday, July 19, 2017

reminiscing in the summer.

Hi guys,

       This week was pretty interesting. As this is the second week at black's creek and children's museum was here I realized everyone opened up more. It's a beautiful thing when you see everyone communicating and smiling more. Yesterday at black's creek Kharliyah joined us and it was as if time didn't pass. We laughed and played sports with Eric and Zach. The kids decided to take the girls' side and decided to play against Eric! But the kids were so excited to catch green crabs and I enjoy explaining to the kids where the female crabs hold their eggs.

my friend ana looking at some green crabs.

        At the children's museum it was so relaxing. Fishing with the kids honestly brightens the end of my day. A little boy named Vidhar went fishing for about an hour and his mom was proud of him as I was. It was nice to see a child enjoying something natural versus technology. He did something he hadn't done before which is what summer is all about. I learned that even if you're confused about, don't stop trying to accomplish that goal you set your mind to. 

Talk to everyone soon,

Nieomi Colon

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