Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Aquapalooza: A Great Way to Spend a Weekend

Just a small sampling of the number of boats that joined us in the harbor.
This weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend Aquapalooza off of Peddocks Island, which was quite the experience. For those unfamiliar, Aquapalooza is essentially a giant party in the water. Everyone rides their boats in, while they listen to live music, eat good food, and have the chance to catch a t-shirt or two! I worked with fellow Senior Harbor Educator Melissa, and our toughest task was simply collecting the tickets of passengers as they boarded the Samuel Clemens, the ship we would be spending the next six rocking hours on. After that, we were free to relax and enjoy the musical stylings of Super-Fly, The Rampage Trio, and Roger Cersei and the All-Stars. Honestly, all three of these bands were high quality, and I highly enjoyed watching them perform, but not as much as I enjoyed watching the (sometimes rowdy) passengers dance! Being the youngest individual on the boat, it was a great reminder that at any age, you're never too old to have a blast and enjoy yourself.
This experience was also a great reminder of the importance of getting our names out there. As Bruce told Melissa and I before we boarded the ship that we really were there to be ambassadors for Save the Harbor. We tried to do well to make connections, and everyone on the ship seemed to love us. We got offered pretzel sticks from one woman, who then stuck around and asked us about our jobs and what we liked about them. Another man asked if he could buy one of our shirts, as apparently they are high fashion. A different man mistook me for a crew member of the ship (our shirts were very similar shades of blue), but when he realized I was with Save the Harbor, was very curious about the work we did and thought it was great! It was nice to meet all of these nice people, and be able to spread the message of Save the Harbor. W
e even got many shoutouts from the bands playing! All in all, it was an amazing day!

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