Monday, July 24, 2017

We play catch

It's so small!
You remember those plastic fish I told you about? I found a new way to use them while its a bit slow at the museum! We play catch, just like how you would trow a football, but with fish. The way I came up with this idea was watching us play "imaginary" four square because we had no chalk. I thought "hey, heres an idea. Lets play catch!" Meanwhile I also was thinking with my bizarre brain "you wanna know what would be crazier??? Lets use the fish." And I'm like "yaaaaaah" so, I walk over, grab a fish and ask Sam, "Hey, since its slow and no one is here right now, wanna try playing catch?" 

At first she said no because, who would wanna do that? Its far to crazy, but after a while without any kids showing up, I asked again and she agreed. 

Now, let me tell you, it may seem easy, but it is kinda hard getting a good grip on those fish because of how squishy they are. Oh, and don't get me started on catching them! It took us a few moments to get the hang on throwing and catching them, but in the end, it was all fun. 

Later that day, something crazy happened! While pulling one of the crab traps up, i saw that we had a bergall in there that was about 3 inches at most. Though when I got it over the side and opened it, I realized that there were in fact, two of them in there! The second one was sooooo tiny that I bet it could have easily swam through the small holes in the trap! If i had to guess how big it was, my estimate would be less than an inch!!! It was so cute seeing it! 

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