Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Hunt for Asian Shore crabs

Hey everyone! Today was a rainy chilly Monday at Camp harbor view, but of course that didn't stop us from exploring and having fun. In the morning when we first got to the island, the kids were all a bit tired and not very energetic due to the weather. After settling in, we talked about the great history of the Asian shore crabs and how they came all the way from Asia and ended up in our Boston harbor shores through boats and ships drifting them over. I found it pretty interesting to learn more about these invasive species and the kids were really engaged too, asking a lot of questions and inputting some of there own knowledge about the crabs. After talking about these crabs, it was time to go down the shore while it was low tide and hunt for them! 
We told all of them that each person had to find at least 25 periwinkles and two crabs to put our bucket! While the periwinkles were pretty easy to spot , the crabs were harder to catch because they moved really quickly and blended in more with the rocks and sand. Some of the kids would scream when they found a tiny crab hiding because they looked "weird" and "scary". At one point there was a circle of kids all screaming at one little tiny Asian shore crab they had all spotted which was really funny. On the other hand, a lot of the kids weren't afraid to grab the crabs and they found and picked up a lot of them. One of the kids asked "I wonder if these crabs ever miss their home" which also made me wonder. Although we didn't get to fish much, we still found other ways to have fun and be outside which is what summer is all about! In the end, we had a good amount of periwinkles and asian shore crabs in our bucket and we watched as they moved around in the bucket wondering where they were going next.

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The bucket only after a few minutes of searching
Searching for Asian Shore Crabs

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