Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Revere sand sculpting festival

Hey guys it's Jaiden back at it again with another blog and this week I'd like to tell you about the my second better beaches event of the summer which was the sand sculpting festival in Revere. This Saturday I basically got front row seats to watch the Revere sand sculpting festival while also doing something I find extremely fun which is fishprinting. Bright and early Saturday morning I was at revere beach giving any and everybody the opportunity to try fish printing on a real life fish and bring their creation home.

My Saturday was a boat load of fun because of the fact it mixed a new experience and something I really enjoy doing. As someone who's never been to the sand sculpting festival I'm extremely glad I spent my first one with save the harbor. The smile on the kids faces from creating a fish print combined with the ecstatic faces of the people in awe at the sculptures plus the fact we were on the beach were the defining factors that caused Saturday to be what some would call a "perfect day"

 From ya boy,
 Jaiden Coren

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