Saturday, July 29, 2017

Does it get any better than Hustle Day?

The hustle field at CHV!
Hi everyone! So today was one of the most exciting days at Camp Harbor View. It was the last day for the kids in session one so that meant the first group of kids were done for the summer and there will be new group coming in for session two. In honor of it being the last day for them, it is called Hustle Day, and trust me, it was way more fun than it sounds! We started off the day by taking a tour around the Boston Harbor and then when we got to the island the day was full of colors! Yellow, blue, orange, purple, green, everyone was representing their individual group color and it was pretty exciting to see how ready the kids were to play and compete on the fields with their groups.
It was set up like a relay race so when the games started, I decided to go to the Wheelbarrow race and help out there. While we waited for the teams to come we played a game of crock-a-dilly-oh-my which was really fun because we all sang even though we didn't know all the words which was pretty funny. After that, we played a name memory game in which you had to say your name and something that began with the first letter of your name, and say the people's that went before you. I won't lie, it was pretty hard at first, but then it got easier and I remembered lots of new names and faces! When it was finally time to "wheelbarrow" the kids got in position and it really made my day to see all of them cheering on not only their teammates, but other teams too. They were all working together to win the race but also to have fun and make the best out of their last day at CHV. Moments like these, are what really make summers memorable. Although it was an exciting day, it was also a little sad because we already knew most of the kids and it was our last day with them, but we made the most of it and that's all that matters.

Til next session!  Keep exploring!


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