Thursday, July 20, 2017

Another Day, Another Fish!

We caught a cunner in the crab trap!

Hello readers! It's Jennifer here again with another fascinating week and lots of fun!

Bye bye rain as this beautiful weather takes over. At the Children's Museum filled with bunch of laughter and excitement we've only been catching a bunch of green crabs, which is better than nothing so I shouldn't be complaining quite so much. What was different about this week is that we caught much more than that this time. We caught our very first striped bass this summer with the help of a kid and his dad! We also caught moon jellies and a lot of baby cunner fish in the crab traps !! All of these catches happened in the same day. Most would say it was a lucky day but I say it was the bait. For the past weeks we've been using founder and crabs for bait. This week we tried mackerel! And Oh boy! Thanks to the chain and circle of life with the help of the mackerel we caught fish!

But that's not all! We kept catching cunner on the crab traps. First it was one, then two then all of a sudden four! We caught four Cunner !! We used one as live bait and it didn't work out so well but guess what, patience is key !
Look at that striped bass!

Farewell fisherman ! I'll be back,

 Jennifer Rosa

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