Thursday, July 27, 2017

MLK Scholars Program Day 1

Hey guys its Jahari again and today instead of going to the sites we usually go to we went to the Agganis Arena for the MLK program that we also did  last year. This time our main focus was on the insane climate change that's possible of happening in Boston. The MLK staff had told us if there is no change in what we do to help the environment then one hundred years the water will start to flood the streets overall around Boston MA! And also in one thousand years from now the water will start to rise and flood full homes! After learning these things I will do my best and everything I need to do in order to keep Boston from tuning into Atlantis. While I was there I had seen some familiar faces from school and social media, so that's always exciting and something I definitely look forward to when I go to MLK events. Another thing I love doing there is meeting new people because everyone is all around the same age and when I meet knew people I always have a great connection with them because we are comfortable enough to relate on topics that we like. I can't wait until next time we go you guys. Have a great weekend everyone and ya'll will hear from me next week!


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