Friday, July 28, 2017

Fish For Everyone!

Admiring the catch.

The first fishing trip of the summer was a huge success! We caught 4 fish that were legal size, a few skates, a couple of crabs, and some tiny fish. We left the dock near the World Trade Center at 9:15, and preceded to head out towards the Boston islands. After about 15 minutes we docked the boat, hooked up some sea worms as bait and then started our fishing. Within the first couple of minutes Captain Charlie got a massive Black Sea bass, and then announced to the campers, "you see guys, there are fish here."
       This first catch pumped up all the kids and gave them the motivation to go and catch fish. And soon after one of the campers caught a fish, his first fish of the summer! The camper held his prize up high and everyone gathered around to see the colorful choggie.
One of his many catches of the day.
       The campers braved the cold and the rain and started to catch fish one after another. They added their layers, put on their hats and hoods and dropped their lines into the water. Even though the weather was less than ideal the campers were full of energy and were eager to be the next person to catch a fish. Our next fishing trip is in a couple of weeks with the next session, and hopefully we can have another fun day filled with laughter, fish, and hopefully better weather.
See you next time, Abel.

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