Sunday, July 23, 2017

Squeaky Clean Environment

A picture of the moon jelly I spotted
in the channel!
Friday's at the museum are great days to work on your fishing skills and becoming patient. This Friday was a long day at the Children's Museum, filled with fishing and the touch tank filled with green crabs. We had many young children from the ages 7 years and under excited to fish with us on the dock. Every now and then we had them pulling up crabs and adding to our touch tank. They got super creative with me and added beautiful art on the walkway. As we fished I spotted a moon jelly in the water, it was super small and didn't do much but the sight of it was enough to get the kids bubbling.
They also took notice of its small amount of movement, and also oil in the water which lead to me explain to them how important it is to throw away our trash, recycle, and not litter into the harbor.

Our colorful decorations
on the Children's Museum
Adding to that, this Monday at Community Boating on the Charles we helped clean up trash around the area. Much like our harbor, it has been dramatically changed to help better the environment and provide activities to young children and adults alike to participate in on the river. The river used to be heavily polluted due to dumping in the Charles from the growing city around it. We assisted our site partner, Molly, with her environmental class to test the pH of the water, salt content, visibility and more. Then we walked along the river searching for trash and cleaning it up. On the way we spotted a baby turtle, some fish, and ducks swimming happily in the river. 

All Summer 17

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