Monday, July 31, 2017

Finding my friend at childrens!!!

Look who I found! ITS MY FRIEND!!!!
Let me set the scene. On Friday, I was pulling up one of the crab traps when I just hear "Garrett! Garrett! Garrett!!" and meanwhile, the crab trap had just gotten to the top of the railing. In the back of my head, I thought "wait... I know that voice!" turning around I see a group with blue shirts on, and at second glance I saw "Saint Marks Parish" and I'm a parishioner there! After a few second I see someone I knew! Waving at me, I see one of my friends from church calling me.

Now with my great mind I think of the greatest thing to say, "OH MY GOD VIV! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" and ran over to say hi and hug. At that point it had been soooo long since we had seen each other. It was just about 5 days. And I learned that she had been volunteering for that camp, which I had no clue existed, for three weeks without my knowing. And the greatest thing was, she thought I knew!

Now I know what you may be thinking, "Garrett? What in gods green earth do you think your doing at work???" and to that I say this: having fun and teaching kids! I took the opportunity to bring over a crab to the group showing it to the kids and teaching them a little bit about the green crab, like how to identify one and how to tell the gender. I was able to get quite a few of the kids to touch the crab, but not all of them... I truly think I was lucky that day, due to us having a pregnant crab at the time, and I was able to show them crab eggs and where they were held. I'm hoping that through out the course of the rest of the summer, I am able to continue teaching people about fish and crabs that live in our harbor that we so very deserve.

Lets get some more crabs! I will see y'all on the harbor,


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