Sunday, July 23, 2017

What is a Cunner?

Hey guys what a good week to go fishing right? 
This week at the Boston Children Museum even though we didn’t catch any more striped bass fish we manage to catch other fish which I’m not too aware of what type of fish it is. I enjoy teaching new kids who never fished before how to fish for the first time.
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The best part of all this is seeing how happy the kids get while in the process of fishing or even pulling up the crab traps. We often catch European green crabs more then  we catch spider crabs or any other living sea creature. At first what we were using as bait was flounder and scup which they fish didn’t really like much. Ever since we did a change of bait the sea creatures at the Boston Children Museum seem to like it better. I think it’s the change of bait that is bringing the new sea creatures we catch.
Later that day the fishes that our team caught were actually called a cunner. The cunner is also known as bergall fish and a chogset as well. Often you may see the Cunner fish with different skin patterns that you usually don’t see other fish with. But if you look closely you’ll be able to see that this fish has tiny teeth that would sting if you got bitten. There were times where we would try to use cunner to catch crabs and other fish. People often get a cunner fish confused with a perch fish due to the little similarities you may see if both compared. The way we caught the cunner fish wasn’t with a rod it was actually caught with a crab trap. Throughout the day everyone’s confidence increase due to not ever actually catching a fish in the crab trap.

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