Sunday, July 30, 2017

Ice Cream Cones and Trash Can Living

It's always ice cream weather!
  Thursday was yet another rainy day. The rain came down but the fun did not stop. After lunch I decided that an ice cream cone was in order. After I had purchased a nice cold soft serve twist my new friend Rose came over to test out her fishing skills. Rose was on a trip from Hawaii and had never been fishing before! She told me all about her friends at home and her pets! At some point in the conversation she asked me where my house was and impulsively I decided to tell her I lived in the trash can we were standing next to. She poked some holes in my story, claiming that there was no way my dog, my mom and I could fit into that one trash can. She was pretty clever. In between our garbage can debates she asked me about turtles and what she could catch in the harbor. Even her Dad was interested!
Saving a crab from under my home!
   Everyday is a bit different and we get to interact with different people all the time but every Thursday my two favorite kids come to visit. Oscar and Isaac are two Australian kids who recently moved to Boston and love fishing! Isaac is an expert crab wrangler and knows as much about crabs as I do! He likes to teach other kids about identifying green crabs and their gender. He has no hesitations when it comes to holding even the biggest of green crabs. He encourages his younger brother Oscar to hold them too, even when he's a bit scared! Oscar and I played with the kickball for a while too! Rolling it back and forth and Jennifer even got in on the game with us! Both kids are a joy to see every week!

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