Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Day I Became a Mermaid

Dark skies and chilly air didn't stop us from experiencing some fun on Tuesday! A slow start to the morning opened up the door for an awesome afternoon. My new friend and I were drawing with some chalk when he made me an awesome flower! After I finished up my mediocre octopus drawing we decided to become mermaids! Basically, one person outlines the other in chalk and then you add fins and make them into a mermaid! Her favorite movie is the Little Mermaid so she loved being a mermaid! Her Dad even made her into starfish! When I asked her if she had ever seen Moana she got so excited she sang me every word to her favorite song from the film!
Spider Crab!
Green Crab!
 Wednesday we saw some better weather and so many more crabs! We even caught a spider crab in our trap today. We drew so many pictures on the boardwalk and made an entire ocean! One kid was so excited he pulled up a crab in the crab trap he insisted on pulling it up every five minutes, which made it a bit difficult to catch crabs! His enthusiasm was contagious though, as his whole family followed him from crab trap to crab trap, back ad forth, over and over again until they finally pulled one up! He wasn't one for fishing though, as staying still for longer than two minutes wasn't his favorite thing. He said "It's fish time" and his dad laughed and told him "This isn't the supermarket, you can't just order a fish to get on the hook!" and the look on his face when he found out he actually had to wait to catch a fish was priceless!

Clear Skies!

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