Thursday, July 20, 2017

What is a Striper?

I made a friend?
Hey there everyone how’s it going, this week at the Boston Children Museum we caught our very first striped bass that was about the same size as our  touch tank. Should’ve seen the look in every staff member’s face that was present that day we had caught the striper, it was very speechless. The day immediately shift around giving everyone a good energy of confidence this summer. We all knew we were going to catch a fish we just never knew it was going to be sooner than what we expected to be. Our group was able to catch the striper by using mackerel on the rods which I assumed they loved.

Striped bass fish are valued and caught as sporting fish. Striper fish can often be picky eaters when it comes to the type of bait you use to catch them. They usually go for clams, eels, anchovies, bloodworms and chicken liver which they enjoy the best.

People who aren’t from Boston and come to visit the Boston Children Museum are amazed to experience the program that the Save the Harbor/Save the Bay has to offer them. Some say that the way we fish is completely different compared to the way others fish out in far countries. Some families would wonder why we wouldn’t keep the fish we caught that instead we would release it back into the bay. In order to keep any fish that is caught it would have to be a certain size or else you would have to toss back into the ocean. You’ll be surprised on how many big fish are really out there in the ocean.  

Edward Calderon

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