Saturday, July 29, 2017

Fishing Club!

The beautiful view of the city from George's Island.
Today was a great day! I did fishing club with Hennry, Qalid, Max and Jaiden. Qalid had to cut the bait, but it was still so frozen that even the tail of the fish was hard to cut. So first Qalid cut the first half of the bait and then Jaiden tried a little, but thankfully Qalid finished it. When we finally cut the fish tail we put it in to our crab trap. Then next we had to cut bait for the fishing rods. That was a real struggle because the skin would not cut in the other side, it was so annoying. So again Qalid tried cutting it then Jaiden was able to cute the skin, but WE COULDN'T CUT THAT PIECE INTO SMALLER PIECES!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO FROZEN!!! But then our senior harbor educator Max came and was able to cut it up enough for the group that was there and we all started fishing. All in all cutting the bait took us 20 whole minutes!

I ended up having to cut up the bait for the next group, but I put the bait in the sun so it could defrost a little so I could be able to at least cut pieces from the inside. I was cutting for an hour and 20 minutes, the sun did not help much and now my hands smell like fish! The lesson I learned today is don't use FROZEN fish as bait! But over all it was fun because the kids found a star fish and I finally picked up one of the crabs. I hope I can keep picking them up and not be so scared of them. Well let's take it one step at a time!

Marly Burgos  

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