Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A bold fashion statement

Admiring the plankton!

Finishing on a dock can lead to a lot of unexpected things , a fish is not the only thing that one can catch. There's crabs, lobsters, and even some fashionable clothes ! One of the members of our fishing club caught a very long and very fashionable piece of plankton. We were a little confused as to what it was when we first caught it, it looked like a very long and very rough piece of seaweed. But we realized that it was a piece of plankton. When we took a closer look, we saw there were little tiny microscopic sea critters living in the plankton. Everyone was a little bit scared to touch it at first, it was like nothing we'd seen before, so we were a bit weird about touching it. Eventually we all managed to be able to touch the plankton even for a little, or with just one finger. 


Close up look
A very brace soul however, was not scared at al to touch this new and mysterious thing we caught from the ocean, he didn't just touch it now, he wrapped it around his neck and wore it as a scarf! It was quit fascinating actually, the dock was turned into a runway, and the fishing club because the most supportive audience to see the next big fashion statement, "From the ocean, to the runway." We'll make sure to keep you guys updated on the next big fashion statement that we find , here at camp harbor view! Or should I say runway harbor view ! 😊

First sight of the mysterious seaweed.
See you next time !
-Kim ! 

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