Friday, July 28, 2017

Last day of the first session

With today being the last day of the first session at Camp Harbor View, the kids had quit a bit of activities to look forward to. As soon as we got off of the bus "the hustle" was to begin. "The hustle" was a camp competition, the kids gathered by light houses (sandy nook, M dot, etc) and they did a relay race across many obstacle, biking, paddle boarding, swimming, pie eating contest and even rock climbing. The lighthouse who finished first, was the winner for the session. The kids had a blast these events. They were cheering not only their lighthouse members but the members of other lighthouses who they thought need the support. Although they were all a little sad to have to say goodbye to the people that they have grown to know and love over the course of the summer, they were also very happy that they had the experience of a lifetime

Last event of the relay race.

Pie eating contest!
After "The Hustle" the kids got to enjoy a cookout full of hot dogs and hamburgers, and had some entertainment from their camp staff who played great music and put on some pretty magical dances. Shortly after lunch ended, the campers put on an amazing talent show full of singing, dancing, and reciting poems. The kids were all very supportive and very encouraging of their friends knowing just how much it took for their fellow campers to get up on the stage and perform in front of the entire camp. The campers seemed to be very pleased with the summer they spent with their friends, and I know i am equally as pleased to have met and grown to love such an amazing group of kids.

On to the next session at Camp Harbor View,

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