Thursday, July 27, 2017


Hey guys Jahari here again giving you all a check in. This whole week so far has defiantly had the most hottest days so far from working with save the harbor. Today (Wednesday) has been the hottest day at of all the other days. The heat got to ninety degrees and I felt like I as going to pass out after the first group of kids had came. I literally had to walk in the shade every time we walked the kids back down to the beach from the field at Blacks Creek. But once the second group of kids came I made sure I stayed my behind in the water. It was too hot for me to not get in the water. So from  there I just helped the kids find more crabs. Surprisingly we didn't get a lot of crabs like we usually do. I really hope that it does not get as hot as it did today for a while now. But that's about it so far so you guys take it easy and you'll be hearing back from me really soon!


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