Thursday, July 27, 2017

Tamatoa Wasn't Always This Glam!

          Hey guys!! Are you a Disney fan? I know I am! Have you been keeping up with their latest releases including the movie Moana! Well if you haven't watched it, you absolutely should! Especially because my favorite scene with Tamatoa and his song "Shiny". To those of you that haven't watched it, Moana is a movie about a little girl that is destined to save her island with the help of a Demi-God named Maui. Just like any hero movie they have to go through obstacles! One of Maui's obstacles included getting his hook from a Coconut crab named Tamatoa who has a lot of treasures on his shell! This of course reminded me of the green crabs that my friends and I pulled up with barnacles! And just like Tamatoa wasn't always that glam, green crabs didn't always have barnacles, and today I'm going to show you how they got them! 
Check out these barnacle!
I drew Tamatoa

        Green crabs just like most crabs are bottom feeders of course. Which means they feed on anything at the bottom of the water (including hot dogs!). Barnacle are sticky crustaceans related to crabs and lobsters. Barnacles feed through feather-like appendages called cirri. As the cirri rapidly grow and shrink through the opening at the top of the barnacle, they look for little critters in the water. They like things with lots of activity and with hard shells. Explains why crabs are a perfect home for them. If you pick up a crab with a lot of barnacle on it, it may tell you that the crab has been there a while.

Sincerely, Jennifer Rosa

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