Thursday, July 20, 2017

Nothing but Surprises at CHV

This week has been a hot one at Camp Harbor View, but its also been a week of surprises. The first part of the week had scattered showers from time to time. Going from hot to cold, back to hot weather all inn one day really took a toll on everyone. But none the less, the kids had an amazing time. We started out fishing, and during the rain showers we talked to kids about crabs and lobsters. For most of the kids, they have never seen a crab up close in person. So it was a perfect time to let them all get a chance to hold the crab. From faces of confusion, to smiling faces of excitement, everyone who held a crab had something amazing to tell their group leader.

Our group of fishermen!
Meet Jennifer, she is 12 years old and its her first year at Camp Harbor View. Last week she had a lot of questions about the harbor, and what we do at Save The Harbor. Although, she seemed interested, she was a little sceptical that they would catch anything while they were there. Campers from last year told her about last years catches and that the water around the camp has an abundance of wildlife. Still unpersuaded, I brought her down to the dock to pull up a crab trap. When she pulled it up she screamed in utter excitement, "Oh my goodness, look there's a lobster!"As she jumped for joy on the dock she was lost for words. She was so happy that she called her mom screaming about how cool lobsters looked in person. She even gave him a name, Bobby The lobster. This was easily the highlight of my week.

 Until next time, Preston.

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