Saturday, July 29, 2017


Admiring the lobster.
         Tuesday was a rainy and somewhat frigid day at Camp Habor View, but once again the weather did not stop us. For the first time this summer we caught a lobster! This was very exciting for me, the other Save The Harbor Staff, and the campers, considering most of us had never caught a lobster. Once we caught the lobster we got bands and placed them over the claws to prevent them from pinching. Then we added the lobster into the bucket, along with a couple of red rock crabs.
Another shot of our catch

          The campers were filled with questions and curiosity when they saw the lobster, and at first most of them were scared to hold the lobster or even look at it, soon enough though everyone was playing with the lobster, and picking it up. It was great to see the campers get out of their comfort zone, especially because Tuesday was "courage day" at Camp Harbor View.

The last couple of weeks at Camp Harbor View has been filled with poor weather and lack of fishes, however when we do something like catching a lobster, it brings back the energy and excitement Camp HarborView needs.
Until Next Time, Abel Yohannes

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