Thursday, July 27, 2017

Fun in the Fort

Playing catch at George's island.
This week started off great on Georges island! It began with a rainy Tuesday no doubt, but it turned into a fun one by the end of the day. My Tuesday was spent at sports in the opening of Georges island, where we spent time with the kids playing football. Although it was a bit rainy and a little cold we held it together and still managed to have a ton of fun and didn't let the weather affect us at all. We also helped people go through the dark tunnels on the island and might I tell you that its by far one of the coolest things ever.

Strike a pose for the blog!
While Tuesday was a blast, Wednesday was just as amazing as the day before. It was warmer, sunnier and we had a whole bunch more fun. No more rainy day gloom hanging over the harbor! Today I spent the day fishing off the dock at George's island with a bunch of different groups of kids from he city and might I just say it was a blast. They had a lot of fun fishing and I had a lot of fun showing them the way to do it properly. I couldn't have asked for a better day!

From yours truly,
Jaiden Coren 

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