Monday, July 24, 2017

First time fish printing!

Friday I went to Charlestown's Courageous sailing center and it was a lot of fun. I also tried fish printing for the first time, something I had never done before! We had 2 fish we used for fish printing, one is real flounder and the other one is rubber replica of a flounder. Patrice doesn't like to touch the real one so Friday she was helping the kids with the rubber one while I showed them how to print the real one. Some kids, like Patrice, did not want to touch the real one while others were brave enough to fish print with the real fish. Everyone else was scared, I think they thought the fish would magically come back to life. We also showed the kids how to make and use Secchi disks to measure water quality. I was surprised by how many of the kids already knew what they were and what they are used for because prior to this day I had never heard of one before!

Children from the Courageous Sailing Center showing off their very own Secchi disks.
This weekend I spent the day at Winthrop Beach fish printing with kids at the Winthrop Family Day. The beach was beautiful and the people on it were very nice, they provided us with food and much more. The kids that came to fish print were mostly very young and were not scared at all of the real fish. In fact we only used the rubber fish about two times because for the most part everyone was very interested in getting hands-on with the real fish, that made me happy!

Fish Printing at Winthrop Beach

Until next time,
Vince Vila

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