Thursday, July 20, 2017

crab... crab.. jellyfish... cra- wait WHAT???

Mutant jelly!!!!
On Wednesday we had some crazy things happen! First, we were given a set of prop fishes that the museum found in their storage, which was a huge deal because they were just so fun to use.Sadly, two of them fell in, but we got one of them back at least!

The second thing was the very first jellyfish which is called a "moon jelly" or Aurelia Labiata! The moon jelly do not actually sting people, but when they do it causes a small rash at the affected area. But what was cool about ours was that it was so much bigger than a normal one! It filled our cupped hands when they normally grow up to the size of a sickynote pad! but another thing that was soooo cool about it was the fact that it had 6 horseshoe shapes on the back of it. moon jelly typically only have 4. It was lots of fun holding the jellyfish and going up to kids and saying "blub blub blub" while moving it close to them, most were laughing with me and going along with it, others would laugh while hiding behind their respective grownups, but in all cases we had a whole lot of fun.

 As Monday, our first fish fish was caught at our site, look for another post in the future about it, and we plan on having the biggest catch of the summer! The past week has been so much fun that it will last me the entire year, and I have only grown closer to the rest of my team! I cant wait to have many more adventures with them. Our experiences have brought us close together. We have come up with many ways to pass time during slow times and are as much fun as the busy times, if not more so at times. I feel like we have grown into a small little family that I don't doubt will get even closer by the end of the month! 

So come catch some crabs with us -Garrett

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