Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fishing Trip Frenzy

This week at camp, we took the kids on our annual fishing trip, and it was a blast! We boarded the boat early so we could get a nice head start on fishing. Cruising around the harbor is always a great feeling especially when fishing is involved. The fishing club of Camp Harbor View arrived eager to fish. Catching fish at camp is one thing, but to travel the whole harbor catching fish takes some skill. By the time we finally arrived to our first fishing spot, the kids had already learned how to put a sea worm on a hook for bait. And they were thrilled that they were brand new fishing rods that were on our boat. First getting on the boat the kids were sort of skeptical that they would catch any fish because it was cold and rainy, but there days soon changed for the better once we started to actually fish. 

It was cold, and rainy but the kids kept positive attitudes and it seemed to pay off pretty well. Rodrigo and Armani stole the show with their fishing skills. Catching two flounders, a Black Sea bass and choggie, they displayed that their fishing skills rank supreme in fishing club. Even when they are at camp they always have contest with each other on who would catch the most fish. Their hard work and persistence always seems to pay off when they are competing with each other. All of the fish were big enough to keep, especially the Black Sea bass. Overall, the fishing trip was a success. We killed all doubts that first weren't in the harbor, showed the kids a great time, and we even got them more excited about fishing club. This fishing trip was amazing. I hope for many more fishing trips like his one.
Until next time, and keep on exploring, Preston. 

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