Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ocean Critters

A squirting sea squirt!
In addition to our lovely catch of crabs, one of the children fishing on the dock with us caught a tunicate! We don't see those very often so a rush of happiness passed through me as I showed them what it can do. They giggled as I squeezed it and the tunicate sprinkled water onto them.

Our first week at Georges Island was a blast, each day we caught
Jonah & Green crabs in our
touch tank.
endless amounts of green crabs. We did have a little diversity, though, and
caught a Jonah crab in our crab trap! It was huge compared to the
tiny green crabs we had. All the kids that came over to fish were
intrigued by it and asked all these awesome questions such
as,"What kind of crabs are these?", "Is it a boy or a girl?", and I
enjoyed teaching them all the knowledge I myself have learned while working at Save the Harbor.

In fact I even used a field guide book with the kids to identify the Jonah crab we had caught.
Very similar looking to the Red Rock Crab, the guide book
indicated that the crab was a Jonah crab due to the black tips on
their legs and claws, whereas a Red Rock crab only has
black tips on its claws.
Petting crabs

Here's to many more adventures!

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