Sunday, July 23, 2017

Day of Courage

Me showing the kids how to cast a fishing rod.
Hey guys nice to see you back again. If you don't know my name is Jaiden and this week at the Courageous Sailing Center I spent my day showing the kids how to fish off the dock and also how to create their very own fish prints.The day was a bit chilly but something about the feeling of the salty breeze, the sound of the water hitting the dock, and the kids enjoying their Friday made the day all the better for me! 
Me commanding the fishing club at Courageous
all by myslef!
This Friday was a blast and although it was swift due to the fact we leave a bit early it was one of the best days due to the fact that it was full of firsts! What I mean by that is for the first time I ran our fishing club without the help of a senior harbor educator. Although it was definitely a challenging task to do, it was an exciting new experience for me to try and I'm glad I got the opportunity to do it. I tried something new today, I encourage you to come down to the harbor and try something new with us!                                                                               Yours truly,                                               Jaiden C.                                                    

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