Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fishing trip!

Our group of fishermen!


Our group of fishermen!
Hi everyone! Yesterday was our biweekly and first fishing trip with the kids in fishing club since our first one got cancelled. In the morning, we grabbed all the rods and waited for the boat on the pier til it arrived at about 9:30. All the kids hopped on the boat and were very excited to see what amazing things they would catch on our trip. To start off, the captain, Charlie, caught a big Black Sea bass and it was really exciting because I'd never seen one before and many of the kids hadn't either so they asked millions on questions about it. After going deeper into the harbor, it was time to put bait on our fishing rods and fish on. We used sea worms for bait which I was completely terrified of touching because of their creepy pinching mouths, but soon I'll get over the fear of sea worms (just like I did my fear of crabs). Anyway, our first catch besides the captain was from a little boy named Adrian, it was really nice to see the look on his face when he felt something pulling on his rod and then yelled "I think I caught a fish! I think I caught a fish!" He railed it up all on his own and then on the end of his rod we saw a flounder! He had caught a flounder which was definitely longer than 12 inches so we got to keep it. After the kids all saw, they all got encouraged to keep on fishing because they could  be the next to catch something! I myself fished for a while in hopes of catching a flounder, a skate or maybe even a striped bass but unfortunately I had no luck in that, instead I caught some rock crabs that refused to let go of my hook! Even though I didn't catch anything crazy, I still had a good time watching the kids catch flounders, striped bass, and even a couple of skates. In the end we got to keep 5 fish, all which the kids had caught. They were all really happy and it was a really fun and relaxing day full of fishing and I can't wait for our next fishing trip to see what more we will find in the harbor!

                                                               See  you soon! - Rusenny

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