Monday, July 24, 2017


Whats up y'all its Jennifer here again with more fascinating new critters that live in the Harbor.

spider crabbbbbb!!!
We have been catching a majority of green crabs but not this week! Aside from the striped bass and all the cunner we caught, we also got a hold of an animal from a different crab family. In other words we got a spider crab. Most people hate spider crabs whether its the way they look or because of their name. But what we fail to see and acknowledge is that one rule everyone was taught growing up: never judge a book by its cover. The characteristics of a spider crab aren't always appealing to most, but in my point-of-view they are super-duper nice. They are non-threatening and very interesting critters. Did you know they use their hairs to attach algae and seaweed on their shells for camouflage? What amazing scavengers.                                                                                                                           What was even more interesting about this specific spider crab is that it was carrying its eggs in its apron! What appeared to be hundreds of little spider crab eggs placed beautifully in there safe and sound. I couldn't help but think of how sad it would be for a spider crab mom-to-be to lose her eggs so after we showed them to kids we gently let her go.

We failed to find our friend Arthur, the maintenance worker at the museum who craved to catch a spider crab with us. And the day we had one he was no where to be found.

The amount of fun I have showing kids harbor critters is indescribable! We teach kids that not only the harbor is clean but that it has to stay clean in order for these precious animals to survive! On that note, see you next week! I look forward to more adventures.

Jen Rosa

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