Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Our crazy Tuesday at CHV

Hey everyone, Maeve here! It’s so great to be back at Camp Harbor View again this summer. I really missed things like taking a boat to work and fishing everyday because I have a very unique job. Monday was a pretty normal day which consisted of the sun beating down on us. We fished and met some new kids like usual. The next day, Tuesday, was quite different. In the morning we knew that there was a possible chance of rain later but that didn’t bother us because the sun was out at the time so we went on with our routine. We got our rods ready, cut up some bait and checked the crab traps.

We added the crab so our lobster could have a friend
There were two crazy things that happened on Tuesday and the first was when we checked the crab trap. When Preston and I pulled up the crab trap there was a lobster in it! It was pretty ironic because last year we had lobster traps and we didn’t catch one lobster and now we had a lobster in the crab trap. We put some rubber bands on the lobster's claws and went to show the kids. I think our senior harbor educator, Kristen, was just as excited about the lobster than the kids were. We kept the lobster in a bucket all day and gave it new water periodically so that we could show all the kids that cycled through our station. Something cool I learned that day about lobster that I did not know before was that lobsters are “immortal”. If a lobster isn’t eaten by us humans or bigger predators, they will never die. Nobody has ever found a dead lobster and I think that is kind of creepy.

cloudy view.jpg
This was our view of Boston right before we got rained on!
The second crazy thing that happened on Tuesday brings us back to the weather. We were in the middle of our third rotation and I was sitting there fixing a rod and it started pouring rain. The drops were so big and we didn’t even have any warning. We got soaked just running to the shed about 50 yards away and the rain didn’t give up for like 15 minutes! Luckily, once the rain stopped it became a beautiful day again. By that point in the day it was time for us to go home and we showed some last kids the lobster and then we put it back into the ocean. I'll keep you guys posted on our unusual finds in the crab trap at CHV! -Maeve Fittz

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