Friday, July 21, 2017

Catch of the day

Our group of fishermen!
Hey there! So lately at Camp Harbor View we've been waiting to catch a fish after two long weeks and guess what? We're still waiting.. Today we continued talking about crabs and then pulled out the fishing rods to continue our patient wait for the fish. While we waited, it was almost time for the kids to go and move on to next period when one of them said "I think I caught something!" we all looked and rushed over with the small doubt that it was seaweed or some rock that the hook had caught on, but as we pulled it up we came to find out that it wasn't a "rock" or "seaweed" but instead it was a huge rock crab! The biggest I've ever seen. The first thing I heard when it was being railed up was "that's a lot of meat can we cook it?!"  which made me laugh because it was totally true! The kids all screamed in excitement in watching the crab crawl all over the dock with its pinchers up and ready. It was truly the most exciting part of the day. They asked all types of questions about the crab like what did it eat, where they lived, was it a boy or a girl, and the most common "can we keep him?". We showed the crab to the next group and that encouraged them to just keep fishing and have patience because it shows that the harbor is alive and just like there are crabs there are also plenty of fish.
If we can catch a crab, we can catch a fish right? Nothing is impossible!

The brave kids holding the crab!
Our big catch of the day!

         Til next time! -Rusenny

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