Thursday, July 27, 2017

The week is rising!

Alright so Monday to Tuesday, it went from bad to good. Monday my parents warned me about the weather being bad. But I decided that no, I need to have shorts on so I can go in the water. Needless to say I was a little cold when the wind started so harshly blowing along with the pouring rain. Monday was most definitely the most gloomy day, in fact on Monday only two kids came for the whole day. Tuesday was way better, on Tuesday it was still windy but it wasn't raining bad. there were way more kids on Tuesday than Monday, and they were full off energy. But because it was still cold the kids didn't stay for the whole time and we didn't find a lot of crabs, so we really just played gaga ball. but there was one thing that was caught that is bigger than the crabs. We caught a Zebra-striped flip flop!
A rare Zebra-striped flip flop!
After lunch we went to Boston Children's Museum where we all got to work. On my part I mostly just showed children the crab. Honestly Boston Children's Museum was pretty tame,nothing out the ordinary there. 

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