Monday, July 24, 2017

Back at Spectacle island!

Monday I went to Camp Harbor View where we fished and caught crabs. This one kid felt something very heavy on his hook and asked for help reeling it in, at first we were excited thinking that it was going to be a real big fish but it ended up just being a big piece of seaweed. In the picture below you can see Abel and the kid who caught the seaweed wearing the seaweed around his neck. We should have measured it before we threw it back in the ocean because it was extremely long but i'm pretty sure it was taller than everyone on the dock.

Abel and the kid who caught the seaweed

Today I went to Spectacle Island and it was great, even though it started to rain later in the day it did not stop us from getting in the water! As you can see in the picture below it was raining while we were swimming in the water. About an hour before it started pouring it was perfectly fine outside. Before we went swimming Patrice, Jadein, Jenn and I walked up the hill to set up and play sports. We played soccer, kick ball and football!

Playing sports before it started raining

Swimming while it was raining

Vince Vila

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