Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sunscreen Rain and Crabs

Hi everyone!! This is my third week working at the BEST job ever. On Monday I got to go to piers park again. This time all of the kids were so excited to get started playing all the games that none of them were upset to be away from their parents. There was one kid who couldn't put on sunscreen. His name is Wesley. So, he squirted almost the entire bottle onto his face. It was so funny. It took about 5 people to rub it all in. Then I took him and a girl named Charlie kayaking. I've never kayaked on the ocean before. It was really difficult but also really fun. We went searching for periwinkles and snails.

At Spectacle Island, I went fishing and played sports. The day I went fishing, I found a crab that no one could identify. All of the kids thought it was the coolest thing ever. On the day I played sports, I played football with a big group of kids. Even their counselors joined in. Then Vince, Jaiden, and I all attempted heading a soccer ball. I already know how to but I wanted to show them an easy way to do it. We even tried to get Jen to try it but she was afraid of the ball. Oh and then the best part came. We were about to go swimming when suddenly it started down-pouring. I was the first to run straight into the water. I love swimming in the rain because the water is always warmer. Soon everyone followed and dunked right in too. We started playing catch and throwing seaweed at each other (well that was mostly me).
Right after I headed the soccer ball

I love working here so much. It's like a second life for me. At home I'm usually shy and find it hard to interact with people I don't know. But here I'm completely myself. I couldn't be more happy. I wish I could simply stay here every single day and never leave. I wish it would never end. It my only chance to be outgoing and happy.

Our unique crab 

Until the next adventure ;) 

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