Saturday, July 29, 2017

I Thought I had 20/20 Vision...

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They were all here to welcome me back!
My team came back to Georgia's Island and it was a lot different than last time, but it was still time to have some fun working for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. So it was time to start with sports, after eating lunch, and dealing with David Coffin's shenanigans (still an awesome guy). I walked there cautiously, just because I had some pretty nice shoes and did not wanna see a surprise, but we went through the dark tunnel. I went through it before and thought I remembered it, but my, the amount of people I bumped into and the walls I banged my head against would shock you. I banged my head on the same wall two times in a row thinking there was a turn, but to my surprise after breaking the forbidden rule of no flash light-- and no I am no rebel, everyone breaks that rule-- I saw that it was a dead end. And when I stepped outside I felt like Dracula because I could not handle the brightness. I was in there a bit too long I think!

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Where is Spongebob, we found Patrick!

I just said let me do what I do best, better than everyone I know, and that was fishing. You already know what Qalid the Pro usually does, ask Max to put a hook on the line, but bait it MYSELF, and cast it as far as possible. Though not lucky, I did share my expertise with the kids. We caught starfish, and crabs, but if we were given more time I bet we could have caught something because our bait does not normally just magically disappear. Well, it was a great time if you really forget about the fails. I mean come on, the kids will always put a smile on your face!

Until next time
Qalid Hassan :D

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