Sunday, July 23, 2017

"Organized Chaos"

This week instead of going to Courageous Sailing I went over to Carson Beach. I had heard about Carson from past years and that it is a great location and everyone has fun. I went in a bit tentative because I have grown accustomed to our routine at Blacks Creek and Carson and had no idea what to expect. We are setting up and everything is going smoothly, I began to feel comfortable because everyone was on the same page but its always calm before the storm. Ms. Ryan describes the day we have ahead of ourselves as "organized chaos". Any normal person would probably get nervous about this but not Save the Harbor. We all know that when you are working with a large group of kids it doesn't matter how much you plan and organize, you always have to be ready for craziness!!

The kids creating their masterpieces 
Olga organized this amazing project where the kids paint anything they want and we would then cut it their desired way. Once it was cut we would tape it onto the boat to create a  2D collage of their work. The kids were ecstatic once they found out their work would be displayed. We got painting of boats, the sun, the waves, the sky, fish, hearts, clouds, faces, backgrounds of color, and anything you can imagine really. The kids were very particular and gave specific instructions of how we had to cut their paintings, I felt like we were having real consultations.

In the end everyone was proud to see their work hung up on the boat. The kids ended up with pain on the hands, arms, legs, face, and hair. I have no idea how they managed to do that but they did. I left looking just like them, with paint all over my arms and legs, that was hard to explain to my boss when I went to work afterwards. I think it is fair to say the organized chaos of Carson was the highlight of my week.
Showing off their work!
Kids drained all our energy but gave us all smiles

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