Thursday, July 27, 2017

Camp Adventure

Hey guys it's Preston again, and Camp Harbor View was amazing this week. We went fishing and on the shoreline we went to find Asian shore crabs and periwinkles. Asian Shore Crabs, as stated in their name, are from the coasts of Asia. They got to the Boston harbor by traveling in the bottoms of boats. These crabs and periwinkles are both invasive to the Boston Harbor. They had no natural predators upon arrival, and they take the food of all other creatures in the harbor. Although they are small and cute to look at, they are slowly hurting our harbors ecosystem. By removing them from the Harbor, with the help of the kids at Camp Harbor View, they are protecting the Harbor waters. 


Later that day, we took a break from fishing and crabbing and brought the kids up to the enormous fort that they have on the island. For many, including me, it was their first time up at the fort. As we hiked along the trail, kids were excited to go on a "Save the Harbor Adventure" as most of them called it. Exploring the fort was many of their goals before the first session of camp. Walking into a dark and cold fort was a great break from the scorching sun. The kids loved it and wanted to stay an extra period there. Fishing, Asian shore crabbing, and exploring a fort just seems like a regular ol' day at Save the Harbor. A day of excitement. 
Until, next time and keep on exploring, Preston. 

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