Thursday, July 20, 2017


Hey there everyone, wonderful day isn’t it?
Today at the Boston Children’s Museum for the very first time this summer we caught a spider crab. The spider crab was a female crab getting ready to deliver her babies. The spider crab that we caught off the bay had bright orange eggs that seem like they playable but aren’t. Some of the children from the Boston Children’s Museum were afraid to touch the spider crab so decided to only touch green crabs. People often don’t know what types of sea creatures the Boston Harbor holds.
A couple hours into the day one of the kids have caught our very first strip bass of this summer. You could feel how excited the kid was as he struggles to pull the rod up. After putting the bass into the touch tank we then took of picture of it with the kid holding it.

Lovely isn't she?
Earlier that day we had caught fishes in the crab traps as well. We also had two moon jellies that we had caught with the giant net. I found it super exciting that we had caught those things all in the same day after a couple of days of not catching anything but crabs. What we used for bait so far would be fish and sometimes green crabs whenever we ran out of fresh bait. Hoping we would catch something new with crab bait every time we tried it we often wouldn’t. Every day at the Boston Children Museum there’s always something new to learn whether its fish related or people related.                                                      Sincerely Edward Calderon

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