Monday, July 24, 2017

Weekend at Revere !

This Friday I went to Atlantic Wharf and the Children's Museum, which is right across from each other. I was working and helping out at the touch tank with Henry showing the kids how to correctly hold a crab without getting pinched and how to differentiate if it is a male or female crab. It was so hot outside that we had to put an ice pack in the tank to make sure the crabs were going to be okay. To be honest it didn't really do much but the kids thought it was helping so we decided to keep it in. Afterwards Jenn and I headed towards Children's to do pretty much the same thing we were doing at Atlantic Wharf.

After placing the ice pack in the tank
Chris looking at his hand after getting pinched

Today I went to Revere beach for the Sand Sculpting Event but we spent most of our time fish printing. Usually we get a couple kids that don't want to touch the real fish but today we didn't even have to bother with the rubber one because everyone was so fascinated with the real one. I have never seen so many kids excited over a fish! Every time we asked their parents or any adults if they wanted to try fish printing they said no but by the faces they made I think they just did not want to touch the fish. Overall it was a great experience, it is always great to meet new people!

Vince vila

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