Friday, July 28, 2017

My First Sand Sculpting Experience

Hey everyone! Its me, Maeve, and I'm back to share about my adventures at Camp Harbor View. On Thursday AND Friday it was very, very hot and sitting on the dock and fishing for the whole day did not sound appealing to our crew or even to the kids. Instead of fishing we did something a little different. Some may know about the abandoned fort on Long Island which was used in various small battles in the Boston Harbor. Today there is not much to it except for some ladders and he calcium deposits on the ceiling. I think the thing that the kids love about walking up to the fort is that it is a mysterious adventure but, more importantly, because it is nice and cool inside.

The front of the fort
On Fridays at CHV the camp holds a cookout which the kids love because they look forward to eating outside. I love ending the week with some burgers and hot dogs.
The kids at lunch on Friday
Saturday and Sunday at Revere beach were very different from the end of my week because it was nice and cloudy. I worked two events in total for the Sand Castle competition which is amazing to see the sculptures in person. I had never been so it was a new experience for me. They shut down the whole street and they had tons of delicious food, games and rides. On the beach they had activities for the kids like which is where we were located. We had a table set up for fish printing which always gets my hands completely covered but luckily it comes off easily. My favorite part about fish printing is seeing the parents faces when we tell them that the fish they are fish printing on is a real fish. Some people are in shock and they think fish printing is so cool because it is really unique. The best thing about both days at revere beach was that it wasn’t too hot and that I got to eat some yummy fried dough! Well everyone, that’s all I have for you this week. Until next time!
Fish Printing
A very creative fish print
-Maeve Fittz

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